Challenge by: Amy Wamy's Foods N Fitness
Quarantine Nutrition and Lifestyle Challenge

What is it?

  • A FREE month-long nutrition and lifestyle challenge
  • Weekly emails with recipes and tips for staying healthy right now.
  •  Wodify Rise tracking app
  • Points gained for:
    •  eating meals within approved food lists
    • Staying active with weekly exercise
    • Spending time outdoors
    • Getting enough sleep
    • Dedicating time to mindfulness sessions
    • Weekly bonus challenges for additional points
  • 2 weekly workouts with Facebook Live videos
  • Private group Facebook page for support
  • Kick-off Seminar April 2nd at 7pm on Facebook Live
  • Runs from April 5th-May 2nd

Join me for this month-long quarantine nutrition and lifestyle challenge.  This challenge is FREE and open to all!  We all need some structure in our lives right now, so let’s do this together!  This challenge is not meant to be restricting or hard to follow.  Our number one goal is to make the best choices we can right now and stay healthy.  I’m not expecting you all to give up your pizza night, especially not right now, but I am encouraging you all to be aware of what you are putting in your bodies on a daily basis.  If you put junk in, you usually get junk back in return, and now more than ever, we need to stay healthy! 

We will combine nutrition, fitness and overall health in this challenge.  Everything will be logged on WodifyRise (app).  There will be daily tasks- you will track your breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks- you will simply check whether you ate well or not within those meals (don’t worry, we aren’t logging every calorie we eat:).  You will also have weekly tasks that entail exercise, sleep habits, outdoor time, etc.  There will be a bonus task each week that will vary from sharing recipes in our Facebook group to putting your phone down before you go to bed.  Every task is the opportunity to gain points and rise on the leaderboard. 

There will be 2 food lists to guide your food choices.  You can take this part of the challenge as seriously or as lightly as you would like.  Overall, we are looking for whole, minimally processed food choices with no added sugars.  We will discuss the food lists in more detail during the Kick-off Seminar.  

If you are looking for a little bit of structure and accountability, get signed up!  You will learn a lot! 

Sun, April 5, 2020 - Sat, May 2, 2020 Mountain Standard Time
Amy Wamy's Foods N Fitness
I am the Amy in Amy Wamy's Foods N Fitness!  I am a Fitness and Nutrition Coach, with a day job as a healthcare provider!  I have been helping people improve their overall health for the past 7 years, whether it be in the office, in the gym, or in your own kitchen!

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