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Mindset Challenge

​​​​​​​A free two week mindset challenge.

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Why a mindset challenge?

We believe that improving your mindset internally has the power to change most everything externally.

I think we can all agree that those who possess greater self-awareness, commitment, gratitude, and a big heart, tend to live happier lives. What we often fail to recognize is the fact that one’s mindset isn’t a fixed state. It’s in constant flux and needs dedicated time set aside for consistent improvement.

I mean if you want stronger muscles, you need to flex them regularly right?

Well, if you want a stronger mindset you need to “flex” the mind muscles consistently.

We also believe that those who possess a great mindset weren’t necessarily born with it. Nor is it any indicator that they will have a stronger mindset in the future.

Genetics, temperament, and environment all play a role but I believe the primary source of a great mindset is the consistent and deliberate practice of improving it.

This challenge focuses on 4 key areas that will help improve your mindset which in turn will leave you feeling mentally empowered and physically refreshed.

I've designed it in such a way to allow for imperfection. If you decide to join us please focus on consistency versus perfection. Only commit to a routine and schedule that you feel's easily achievable and doesn't add any additional stress to you life. 

Areas of Focus, Scoring, & Rules:

The will be 4 areas of focus: 

  1. Commitment Mindset 
  2. Gratefulness Mindset 
  3. Awareness Mindset 
  4. Community Mindset 

1) Commitment Mindset: 

A committed mind is a powerful mind. And social commitment helps to further increase accountability. The first aspect of this challenge is to commit to a daily/weekly routine. You are to document your desired routine and share it on the App for everyone to see. Once you’ve created your weekly schedule, take a picture of it and upload it.  

  • Create a commitment schedule and upload a picture of it on Rise for everyone to see.
  • 15 Points (Completed on Day 1 and Day 8)

2) Gratefulness Mindset: 

In positive psychology research, gratitude is strongly and consistently associated with greater happiness. Gratitude helps people feel more positive emotions, relish good experiences, improve their health, deal with adversity, and build strong relationships. Perhaps more importantly, one cannot experience negative emotions while they are in a state of gratitude. Each morning you will spend 5 minutes in reflections of things you are grateful for. 

  • Spend 5 mins daily writing down and reflecting on what you are grateful for. 
  • 5 Points daily 
  • Must set a timer 
  • Must write or type what you are grateful for 

3) Awareness Mindset: 

Increased awareness is the first step to improving any aspect of one's life. There are dozens of ways in which to increase external and internal awareness. We will focus on one of three formal methods; awareness of the body and how it feels (often referred to as a "body scan"), awareness of the breath entering and exiting the body (often referred to as the "breathscape"), and awareness of sounds (often referred to as the "soundscape"). 

  • Complete formal awareness practice daily 
  • 8 Points for 40mins + 
  • 4 Points for 20mins  
  • 2 Points for 10mins 
  • Timer must be set 

4) Community Mindset: 

Fostering community is at the heart of what we do. Let's all support and share with each other and help build the accountability that's needed for success. 

  • Post or comment in our Facebook Group or upload a photo on Rise feed daily.. 
  • 1 Point daily


1) Commitment Mindset FAQs:

Do I have to write it down? 

No. You can document your schedule anyway you like. For instance, I use Google Calendar. You can take a screenshot or picture of the digital documentation and upload that. 

Do I have to write down everything in my schedule? 

No. In saying that we encourage you to write down the majority of your waking day, including when you plan to start your day, take breaks, and wind down for sleep. 

Can I just write out a ritual or routine for one day? 

Yes. Again we encourage you to plan a weekly schedule but a repetitive daily schedule is acceptable. 

2) Gratefulness Mindset FAQs:

Do I have to write it down? 

Yes. You must write things down or type things out. You cannot just think about them for 5 minutes. You can throw out the paper or delete the notes each day if you like. This will be based on an honor system.  

What if I can't think of anything to be grateful for? 

Keep trying. I'm confident you'll eventually discover things that you are grateful for if you keep searching for time. 

3) Awareness Mindset FAQs: 

Can I do 5 mins in the morning and 15mins in the afternoon to get 20mins? 

Yes. So long as you are practicing formal awareness training and timing it, your cumulative time each day will represent your score.  

Can I do another form of mindfulness or meditation? 

Yes. If you are experienced and prefer a certain type of formal mindfulness or meditation you can choose to do other options. If you have no previous experience it's best to start with the formal practice of body scans.

What happens if I fall asleep while practicing, does it still count? 

No. You don't become more aware while you are asleep. Sit up right while practicing if you fall over you'll wake up really quickly. 

What if I can't focus on my breath or body but I try, does that still count? 

Yes! Developing awareness isn't about winning or achieving any sort of enlightened state. So long as you dedicate the time, don't fall asleep, and set a timer, your points will count. 

Will you be providing any guided options for formal practice? 

Yes. I intended to create a couple of guided options. Alternatively you can also download the app Headspace. Headspace is free for the 10 minute options. I will also provide additional resources and links. 

4) Community Mindset FAQs: 

Where do I upload on Rise? 

There is a task called "Daily Progress". You can upload any picture you want here that's relative to the challenge. Perhaps a picture of something you're grateful for. 

Can't I just upload to Facebook?

Yes. You can just use our Facebook Group page and comment and share there. 

Does uploading my picture in Rise give me the point automatically? 

No. You will still  need to mark the task "Community Mindset" as completed to get your point. 

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Thu, April 16, 2020 - Wed, April 29, 2020 Pacific Standard Time
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