Challenge by: Jon Rowley
September Shred


This is the 4th iteration of the Summer Shred. We keep repeating it as the RESULTS have been INSANE. That said, we're changing things up again this month with a focus on weight lifting in edition to vegetables + protein consumption and specific eating windows. The game plan unapologetically simple - eat clean, get good sleep, do some intermittent fasting, and workout for 19 days straight. This is 19 days that will have you rolling in to the rest of fall. The challenge runs from September 14th through October 2nd. 

SPECIAL FOCUS: Gymnastic work. Everyday we're going to be doing additional body weight only movements such as pull ups, push ups, air squats and lunges to improve body weight strength and muscular endurance. 

Prior to the challenge or within the first couple days you'll get a body scan in addition to one after the challenge. You can come in anytime BEFORE class and in a fasted state to get your scan done. I'll be sharing a daily note throughout the entire challenge with tips/tricks as well as the following day's assignment. 

The whole shebang is $30 which includes your body scan before and after as well as a daily touch base from yours truly. 

The rules are simple and as follows:

  • Sleep: 1 Point if you're in bed by 9:00 pm (not necessary asleep) 
  • Sugar: 1 Point if you avoid it. Simple as that (alcohol is sugar)
  • Fitness: 1 Point if you do the day's gymnastic work (class is not required) 
  • Nutrition: 1 Point if you hit your protein number for the day (also inside the recommended eating window...) 
  • BONUS - Sobriety. You get a point for skipping alcohol each day. 
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Mon, September 14, 2020 - Fri, October 2, 2020 Central Standard Time
Jon Rowley
These challenges are one of the favorite parts of my job - we all need a push from time to time and I'm happy provide it and grateful to have all of you to help push me!!

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