Challenge by: Brenda Miller
KMD Earn the Bird Fitness Challenge

You’re not supposed to feel guilty for enjoying grandma’s homemade cranberry sauce and melt-in-your-mouth sugar cookies that have been passed down four generations. Don’t fret, we’ve created a 21-day long, exercise challenge that will get your body where you want it to be BEFORE the dinner rolls and gravy hit the table. We’ve composed a set of exercises that don’t require any weights or resistance equipment, that anyone can do no matter your fitness level. They are all body weight based movements, incorporating high intensity interval training to get your sweat on! 

This is a POINTS SYSTEM, meaning that there are points assigned to each daily challenge and whoever completes the most by the end, is awarded a grand prize! We are giving out prizes to the top three finishers and if you can't do the daily challenges on the days they occur, don't sweat it! You can double up on one day and earn the same amount of points. We also assign BONUS points to bonus challenges that are completed on the scheduled rest day! So you have more than enough chances to rack up points and climb up in the rankings. 

Grand Prizes - You have EARNED THE BIRD!

1st place winner: 1 month FREE! 

2nd place winner: 2 weeks FREE! 

3rd place winner: A KMD T-shirt of your choosing...FREE!​​​​​​​


For questions about any of the workouts, visit this page!

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Mon, November 1, 2021 - Sun, November 21, 2021 Central Standard Time
Brenda Miller
Brenda is currently on staff at Krav Maga Dallas and also assists  with the kids program! She is a level 2 student and has been a part of the Krav Maga Dallas family since April of this year!

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