Challenge by: Jon Rowley - 2020FIT
New Year NOW Shred


Starting on Monday, November 7th, and running until Wednesday November 23rd, we’re going to get dialed with two focal points: 

1. Skeletal muscle mass is going to be our focus in the gym. 

2. Portion control is going to be our focus outside the gym (it’s not what you may think, read below) 

We’ve lived through Squatober and it’s been amazing to see everyone lifting. Personally, I want this to keep rolling and I hope there is a small part of you that does too. So starting on November 7th, we’re going to keep the weights pumping with less than 10 minutes of additional weight lifting.

“BUT - I don’t want to get bulky.” Me either. I want to be functional and lean. To get bulky requires a LOT of training, sleeping, eating, and a lack of stress. I don’t know many people who can make that happen, and even the people who try like heck, have to work VERY hard to make it happen. 

An amazing thing happens however, if you put on too much muscle, we can simply dial things back down. So please fear not. 

From an eating perspective. Maybe fasting, maybe chopsticks.  

If you can eat it with chopsticks, you can eat it. Simple as that. I’ve long said that I should do a Shred where this is the requirement as it will slow down my speed eating, maybe even force me to sit down, and I’m hoping it does the same for you. 

If you're more interested in trying out some fasting, I have eating windows lined out for you below. 

Lifting Program 
5x5, Deadlift, Bench/Pull-Ups, & Squats. Do each movement 2x per week for a total of 6 lifts. Not to exceed ten extra minutes per day. 

We’re going to keep score this go-round to get the competitive juices flowing again, and we’re going to throw in 3 lifestyle components that can’t be overlooked. Sleep, hydration, and protein. And then the bonus of trying something new.


  • Eat all non-soup meals with chopsticks (or prescribe to the fasting windows) 
  • Lift 6x a week for a total of 10 minutes each day


  • In bed for 8+ hours (no technology allowed in bed) 
  • Drink 40 oz of water prior to 10 am
  • Ladies have 100+ grams of protein and fellas have 140+ grams of protein daily.
  • Attend a class UPSTAIRS 1+ during the Shred (bonus points for each one you attend)

Fasting Windows (optional if you don't want to use the chop sticks)

  • 7 days - Do as you please 
  • 5 Days - Eat from 11 - 7 pm
  • 5 Day - Eat from 7 - 3 pm
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Mon, November 7, 2022 - Wed, November 23, 2022 Central Standard Time
Jon Rowley - 2020FIT
I'm obsessed with helping people become the best version of themselves and constantly doing for myself. I enjoy getting to participate in these monthly Shreds to help others dial things in and experience new tips or tricks they can implement in their daily life.

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