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Body Comp Challenge

If you’re interested in getting to the next level of your fitness journey, no matter who you are, nutrition will be involved. During the summer, we will be organizing a nutrition challenge, for the first time with body composition analysis before and after the challenge.

For challenge details and to sign up,

  1. Complete the survey - by Friday 5/4
  2. Purchase a ticket -  by Wednesday 5/16 (click Register button)
  • Body composition screening provided by CompositionID before and after the challenge. There will be a mobile scanning station that will be set up right next to CFTC

    • Pre-challenge scan: Sunday, May 20, 8AM - 12PM at CFTC - sign up for an approximate time slot in the gym, or just come before 11:15AM 
    • End of challenge scan: Friday, Jul 13, 4PM - 8PM at CFTC
    • We tried our best to accommodate as many people as possible with these time windows. If you cannot make those dates, schedule a Dexascan test at any CompositionID facility before May 20, and give them the in-office reschedule code CFTYSONSCORNER1. On their website, be sure to find the field that says "Redeem Coupon or package" - it will bring the Dexascan cost from $129 to $0. They have offices in Arlington or Glover Park. The scan can happen after the 20th, just book by that date.
  • 5-point daily system

    • Point 1: Log food in myfitnesspal (iphone | android) and take a screenshot of your macros.

    • Point 2: Macro nutrient breakdown is within 10% for carb/protein/fat macros based on starting calculator

    • Point 3: Perform CFTC workout or mobility

    • Point 4: Drink at least one third of your body weight in ounces of water

    • Point 5: No added sweeteners, alcohol or bad oils

  • 1 weekly cheat meal: 1 meal per week where you don’t have to worry about logging what you eat or adhering to the other rules, including alcohol. (1 meal equals a 3-hour window.)

  • Weekly recording of progress photos and measurements

  • Point tracking using the Wodify Rise app (android | iphone)

  • Periodic tips, recipes and nutrition info

  • Cost: $105 per person - this is only to cover the cost of the body composition, not an additional gym fee. We are hoping to get 20 gym participants, so please consider this challenge if you’re plateaued with your gym progress, want to learn something new, or challenge yourself.

  • Unofficial bonus points - if you’ve never done a nutrition challenge before, we recommend limiting the following to understand how your body responds: limited dairy, legumes and grains

  • Prizes! - The best prize is your improved body composition... but, if that's not enough, if we get 18 or more people to register, the most improved body composition will receive a gym gift card to use however they wish. The top 3 participants will receive their choice of gym swag - water bottle, towel, hoody, etc. 

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What type of body composition technology will be used to determine percent body fat and lean mass?

Dexascan (DXA) stands for Dual X-Ray Absorptiometry. This scan uses two X-ray beams to scan the body in a noninvasive way, and thus the exposure to radiation is low. The DXA Scan is quick, taking approximately ten to twenty minutes to complete, with the two beams running through your body and measuring your bone density and body composition. According to CNN, this scan is one of the most accurate tests currently available for body composition testing.

Preparing for the Dexa scan is easy because it requires little preparation except for avoiding calcium supplements 24 hours before. This scan is extremely convenient, especially for people that are busy because they are able to be in and out of the appointment in about thirty or so minutes. People can come in, put on a gown, remove jewelry and other metal objects, and have the scan before returning to their daily routines. If you are pregnant, it is important that you inform your physician and x-ray technologist so that adjustments can be made to minimize exposure and risk to the baby.

The cost seems pricey. What gives?

The Dexascan technology is accurate and convenient, but also expensive. Individually, 2 scans would be more than $220, so the price is over a 50% savings since we are doing it as a group compared to getting these scans individually. We have done everything we can to keep the cost to our members as low as possible.

I'm not local. Can I still do the challenge?

If you are interested but away from the area for the summer, fill out the survey indicating such and if there is space, we will follow up with you.

What if I have doctor prescribed guidelines that conflict with the challenge rules?

Listen to your doctor. Let the coaches know as many specifics as you’re willing to share prior to the challenge start and do not penalize yourself for the rule in conflict.

What if I want to do the nutrition challenge without the body composition?

Simply put, the answer is no. We’re trying to keep the costs as low as possible to our members, and we need as many people to sign up as possible for both the challenge and the body composition screening. If we reach capacity for the screening, we will send out an invitation for additional people to join.

What if I am not currently a member and want to do the challenge?

You can sign up for an 8-week membership that coincides with the challenge here. If you belong to another gym and want to register, priority goes to CFTC members but you can still join for a $30 coordination fee. We would still love to have you. If this is you, fill out the survey and send a note here.

What if I can’t make the scheduled composition screening sessions?

We are trying to choose a date and time where as many people can come to the gym and get a screening done as possible (complete the survey). Unfortunately it’s impossible to get a time that works for everyone. Composition ID has several facilities in the DMV, although a private scanning session will be an additional $15 in-person scheduling fee. If this is the case, CFTC will likely reimburse you for this expense. Send a note to Marcus if this is your concern.

Mon, May 21, 2018 - Sat, July 14, 2018 Eastern Standard Time
CrossFit Tysons Corner
CFTC focuses on general physical preparedness, getting you ready to tackle anything life brings your way. But what is forgotten is that nutrition is the foundation of CrossFit. Get the appropriate amount of carbs, fat and protein, limiting sugar and then experiment with small changes from there.

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