Challenge by: Foundation Nutrition Coach, Angela Salveo, Pn1, CF-L2
CrossFit Salus Fall Back Nutrition & Lifestyle Challenge

Kick off fall and get your goals back on track with a partner!

CrossFit Salus Fall Back Nutrition & Lifestyle Challenge

During the entire challenge, you will not only be committing to yourself that you are going to achieve your goals, but you are committing to a partner as well.

Using nutrition as our foundation, we’ll also dig into your hydration, exercise, mobility, sleep and motivation. Because, when you have all these elements working together, you’ll experience positive changes with your performance, recovery, energy, body composition and more!

So, go ahead...partner up with a workout buddy, long-distance friend, neighbor, spouse... and let's do this!

Full challenge details coming very soon!


  • RockTape- 15% most items (excludes education and IASTM). Code is SALUSFITNESS
  • Kettlebell Kitchen discount for the duration of the challenge
  • and more!



  • Kettlebell Kitchen gift card
  • MobilityWOD 6-month subscription
  • RockTape tape, floss and hot/cold topicals  
  • LifeAid FITAID recovery drink
  • Trace Minerals supplements
  • KT Tape 
  • Birch Benders Paleo pancake mix
  • CrossFit Salus
    • Free Paddle board rental (yes, we're getting Salus paddle boards!)
    • 30 Min Tandem Coaching (for local participants) or 2x 15 minute virtual coaching consults with Coach Gino 
    • 1-month Private Nutrition Coaching with Coach Angela
  • and more is comin'...
    Mon, September 17, 2018 - Sun, October 7, 2018 Eastern Standard Time
    Foundation Nutrition Coach, Angela Salveo, Pn1, CF-L2
    Your Foundation Nutrition Coach, Angela Salveo, Pn1, CF-L2, is highly specialized and trained in fitness, wellness and nutrition; she is a CrossFit L2 trainer, certified ACSM Wellcoach, received her Bachelors in Exercise Physiology from ISU and is a certified Precision Nutrition (Pn1) Coach.

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