Challenge by: Fighting fit, CrossFit Royston and pH Nutrition
FF and CFR 30 day nutrition challenge

A re-education of how to eat well, fuel your performance and improve your health.

You will have daily and weekly tasks to complete. Each time you complete a task you log it and work your way up the leaderboard! 

Regardless of your goal this challenge will help you supercharge your training, recovery and overall health.

Let's do this team!


How is the challenge run?

A partnership between Fighting Fit, CrossFit Royston and pH Nutrition. We have designed a 30 day challenge that you can sign up to regardless of your goal. We will provide a nutrition guide, meal plans, recipes, workouts and education over the month. 

This is not a super low carb or ridiculous juice is about educating you on how to get your nutrition plan set up for long term success! 


We have a facebook group where you can ask questions, gets tips and be part of the community.


Do I have to count calories and macros? 

No. You need to have some awareness of your energy balance. This is why we have set up the plan with specific meal plates and number of meals. This is to provide a framework that prevents overeating AND under eating. You won't have to calculate macros and calories but you will have to change your meals to fit the specific meal plates and timings. If you want to track then this is fine!

Do I have to follow the number of meals?

Yes and no...hahaha

Let us explain

One of the biggest areas we see with members is lack of structure. This leads to either mindless snacking as you haven't planned when the next meal is, or you haven't eaten enough so you are hungry. Regular patterns of eating are crucial for fat loss and strength gains.

Can I do this challenge if I am vegan or vegetarian?

Absolutely! We will have a separate recipe book but the principles will still be the same so you can follow the plan and structure the same as everyone else!

Mon, October 1, 2018 - Wed, October 31, 2018 GMT Standard Time
Fighting fit, CrossFit Royston and pH Nutrition
A collaboration between Fighting fit, CrossFit Royston and pH Nutrition to provide you with everything you need to kick start your health and crush your performance.

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