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2019 FitHaus Wellness Challenge

Ready to make this the healthiest year yet???  Kick your 2019 off right, and join us on an 8-week Wellness Challenge.  The goal of this challenge is to create accountability around establishing healthy behaviors and habits.  The focus will be to do these healthy things consistently for 8 weeks.  We'll focus on nutrition, sleep, movement every day, but we'll throw in some additional extras along the way for you to try.  We will also be reading the book 'FOOD.  What the Heck Should I Eat'  by Mark Hyman as part of the challenge.  It's a simple guidebook on what to eat, what not to eat, and why.  It's a quick read, and we'll highlight the main points from the book as we go through the challenge.  If you know it all already, this book will just help reinforce why we aim to eat the way we eat.

During this challenge, you'll get points everyday.  You'll log these points in this app and can view the 'leaderboard' just like we do for WODs.  We'll have weekly winners and an overall winner at the end of the challenge.  (if you're serious about this, and up to the challenge ... you could actually make money doing this challenge!).

Daily, you'll get points for the following each day (up to 7 points each day):

  • Nutrition:  Eating a 'diet' with NO ADDED SUGAR. (1 point)
  • Nutrition:  Eating 5 servings of veggies. (1 point)
  • Nutrition:  Drinking 1/2 your body weight (lbs) in oz of water. (1 point)
  • Sleep:  7 hours or more of sleep each night (1 point)
  • Movement:  30+ minutes of exercise (gym WOD, Yoga class, or a 30 min walk all count) (1 point)
  • Movement:  Perform some mobility work (this can be as little as 3 mins/day and we'll give you options each day ... Yoga, ROMWOD, foam rolling always count). (1 point)
  • Extra Credit:  We'll announce the extra credit each day, you perform the task and give yourself one point for doing it.  (1 point)

It may sound like a lot to track, but it's not ... we promise!  If you can consistently do these things each day (we'll hold you accountable ... plus there's money and pride on the line), you'll set yourself up for the healthiest year yet!  This 8 week challenge will help hold you accountable to do these healthy behaviors each day ... so that they become habits for the rest of the year (and years to come).

We'll give you more details as we near the challenge, but sign up now to make the commitment and reserve your spot!  Also get excited to try something new in 2019!


Q:  How much does this challenge cost?

A:  $59 for the 8 week challenge;  $189 for the 'Advanced' (the basic challenge plus some personalized, individualized nutrition planning).

Q:  What is included in the advanced challenge?

A:  One 45 min one-on-one session with a nutrition coach at the beginning of the challenge to help lay out an individualized nutrition plan based on your specific goals.  Weekly email check ins with coach to determine progress and make changes if needed.

Q:  Can non-FitHaus members sign up?

A:  Absolutely!  They can sign up using the link below (just like everyone else), but they'll be prompted to create a new Wodify login (everyone else will use their existing Wodify login).

Q:  What do the winners receive?

A:  Pride.  And also, each weekly winner (based on points for that week) will receive $15 cash. Overall winner (based on overall points) will receive $100 cash.  We will also award one winner based on biggest overall transformation.  They will also receive $100.  

Q:  How do you decide 'biggest overall transformation' winner? 

A:  At the end of the challenge, each participant will have the option of submitting an 'application' for this award.  Biggest transformation could be in body composition changes seen via before/after pictures, weight loss over the 8 weeks, or an explanation of how these healthy behaviors have made them feel better, perform better, or otherwise have changed their life for the better.  We will vote on the best transformation story and award that person as the winner.

Q:  Do we have to follow a specific diet?  Or are there off-limits foods?

A:  No, any 'diet' is fine (paleo, primal, Whole30, Macros, Keto, etc) ... except for the 'no added sugar' points each day.  You can have sugar if you really want to, you just won't get points that day.

Q:  Is alcohol 'allowed'?

A:  See answer above.  You can have alcohol, but depending on what you drink, you may not get your 'No Added Sugar' points for that day.  However .... you can use this challenge to add in your own goals.  Maybe you want to go 8 weeks without drinking?  Awesome... use this group to help hold you accountable for that personal goal.

Q:  Do I have to take before and after photos?

A:  Nope, but we encourage you to since seeing actual change over time is the biggest motivator to continue!  You can even manage progress pictures  using this app and they remain only visible to you!  

Q:  Do I have to buy the 'Food' book?

A:  You don't have to buy the book to participate in the challenge, however one of the 'extra credit' tasks each week will be to read a chapter(s) of the book.  You just won't get your extra credit point for this day each week if you don't have book.  We will try to summarize the big points of the book as we go through the challenge, so you will still receive the high level info!

Q:  Do I have to buy the Food Book?

A:  No, it's not a requirement, but it is full of great info!  We'll highlight the main points each week, so you'll still get the main points even without the book!

Q:  Where can I buy the Food Book?

A:  Amazon is probably the easiest.  Go HERE.

Q:  What if I've already read it?

A:  Awesome!  Dig it out, and go back with us each week to review and reinforce the information! 

Sun, January 13, 2019 - Sat, March 9, 2019 Central Standard Time
FitHAUS, Home of OurHAUS CrossFit
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