Challenge by: The Sua Sponte Coaching Team
Sua Sponte Lifestyle Challenge

The Sua Sponte Six Week Lifestyle Challenge represents the opportunity to increase the motivation and accountability behind both getting to the gym to train and building a healthy lifestyle that will maximize the results of all your hard work! The Challenge includes five daily and two weekly tasks to be accomplished in order to earn points towards the challenge.

  • It’s not just about food. The Sua Sponte Lifestyle Challenge focuses on building all the necessary habits for a healthy and active lifestyle 
  • It’s not about achieving short-term number based goals. The SSLC’s target is developing consistent habits that are small, sustainable, and lead to long-term results.
  • Perfection is not required. The idea you have to do something perfectly actually gets in the way of making healthy progress. Our focus is on progress, not perfection.
  • No starvation diet.
  • No need to prepare. The SSLC  meets you in your life exactly where you are.
  • It’s not limited to one type of player (i.e. advanced vs. beginners, skinny vs. fat, fit vs. out of shape.) The SSLC is a template for your lifestyle, regardless of your life’s specific details.Its application is universal, as are its benefits.
  • It’s not over when it’s over. The habits you practice during the Challenge are best measured in their effectiveness a year, two, or even ten years from now.
  • The SSLC has no referees or judges. You are the judge. You get to decide. When you look back on what you did on any given day and can honestly say what you ate, how you exercised, and how you stretched should count, then it does.
  • We offer no prizes or rewards. The prize is your life and the lives of your closest friends and family, changed forever.
  • Our focus is not weight loss or how you look in the mirror. That said, weight loss (and fitting into your skinny jeans again) is a common side effect. The SSLC helps you become acutely aware of your daily habits, and by keeping your attention on the things you have the ability to control, results happen.

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Mon, February 5, 2018 - Sun, March 18, 2018 Eastern Standard Time
The Sua Sponte Coaching Team
Here at CrossFit Sua Sponte we have you covered when it comes to caring, excellence, and results at the gym but we need your help to stay motivated to get here on a regular basis and to build a healthy lifestyle that will maximize your results! This Challenge gives you the chance to get started!

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