Challenge by: 810 CrossFit
2019 Healthy Habits Challenge

Would you like to:?

  • Be motivated/learn how to eat better?
  • Participate in a 30 day Core/Abdominal workout routine​​​​​​​?
  • Lose body fat?
  • Be motivated/learn how to sleep better?
  • Be motivated/learn how to stretch more?
  • Be motivated to workout more?
  • Be motivated/learn to give yourself a daily dose of inspiration?
  • Be motivated/learn how to live a life of balance and awareness of the choices you can make?
  • Like to raise money for the Grand Blanc High School Weight Room?

This challenge is designed to take you through the step-by-step process to make that happen!


Q:  How much does it cost to participate in the 30 day challenge?

A:  We have three different options here!

  1. Challenge only = $50 (No gym membership required!  Also for current recurring gym members)
  2. Challenge + 30 Day "810 Bootcamp" Membership = $150
  3. Challenge + 30 Day "810 CrossFit" Membership = $200

20% of all entries are donated back to the GBHS weight room!  810 CrossFit is proud to be the strength & conditioning program for GBHS high school students.  We are excited to get new/additional equipment in their weight room!

Q:  Is an 810 CrossFit gym membership required/needed?

A:  NO!  All of these habits can be completed with OR without a membership to 810 CrossFit.  In fact, you can participate without any gym membership, or as a member of any other gym!  Of course, we'd love to have you at 810... feel free to schedule a free trial from our website!  If you like it, you can gather your daily exercise points at 810!

Q:  How long is the challenge?

A:  The challenge is officially 30 days long (9/9/2019-10/9/2019).  However, we encourage you to register EARLY to get access to our challenge APP.  The APP will contain the education pieces necessary to be successful in the challenge.  There also is ONE task to be completed both before and after the challenge (see below)!

Q: How do you measure the body fat lost?

A:  As a participant, you will have ONE task to complete before the start date of 9/9.  Sign up EARLY to get access to our InBody "Before Test," which can take place on Thursday 9/5, Friday 9/6, and Saturday 9/7 during 810 CrossFit business hours.  We will also have a mid-challenge measurement on Thursday 9/26, Friday 9/27, and Saturday 9/28.  You will also have ONE task to complete at the end of the challenge.  Our InBody "Out Test" can take place on Thursday 10/10, Friday 10/11, and Saturday 10/12 during 810 CrossFit business hours

Q:  How does the challenge work?

Each day during the challenge will have a number of "tasks" (healthy habits) for you to complete and earn points for.  Don't worry, we provide the education for success in our challenge APP!  Register early so you can read/watch instructional videos to get up to speed on the tasks!

Q: I can not fit all of those activities in my life, is this challenge still for me?

A: Yes!  The purpose of this challenge is to give the education and bring awareness to the healthy habits available to you.  If you can only do some items on the list, you will still benefit from the challenge!   

Q: I do not know how to even start with nutrition and some other topics listed.  How will I learn?

A: Register ASAP.  Once you register, you will be given access to our challenge APP.  Download the app, click on your profile, and start reviewing the tasks.  The task descriptions contain the education and resources you need to get brought up to speed.  We walk you through everything!  Although the challenge officially starts on 9/9/2019, the education is available now!

Q:  Is there weekly prizes/winners?

A:  YES!  Every week we will have a raffle, it will contain all of the names of participants who PARTICIPATED in logging activities every day of that week.  Even if you don't complete all of the tasks, simply logging your lifestyle behaviors will get you into the raffle!  The nice part here is that if you accidentally miss a day, you can still get back on board the following week to make that weeks raffle!  Weekly prizes from the raffle will include:  Iceage Meals, Bottles of Fish Oil, FitAid Drinks, Bags of Super Greens Powder Formula, Steve's Club All-Natural Beef Jerky, & Bags of Ascent Protein!

Q:  Is there an overall winner?

A:  YES!  This is based on the honor system.  Since the point of the challenge is to bring awareness to the healthy habits available, our monetary prizes are given above to the weekly participants.  The overall winner for points earned in the challenge will be featured on a plaque displayed at 810 CrossFit... you will be featured as an inspiration for challenges to come!

Thu, September 5, 2019 - Sat, October 12, 2019 Eastern Standard Time
810 CrossFit
810 CrossFit is a community located in Grand Blanc, MI that is dedicated to elite health & fitness.  All different walks of people are welcome in our gym: males and females, from the young to the elderly, from the professional athlete to the de-conditioned athlete.

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