Challenge by: Chelsea Espe
SPCF 2020 Nutrition Challenge

SPCF is hosting a five week Nutrition Challenge within the community! Each week we will have tasks to check in, additional workouts in the gym, meals to upload and a friendly competition against our members. We are looking for the most committed member for this challenge to win a prize at the end of 5 weeks. Whether you are looking to lose weight, gain weight or maintain, this challenge is for you! The challenge takes place in the Wodify Rise app, once you click "register" it will guide you to download the app to log your nutrition activity. 

Tasks each day to check in:


Meal Overview


Morning Routine

Weekly Tasks:

Weekly Reflection

Weekly Aerobic Workout 

Additional Help:

If you would like to purchase meal preps each week from Chelsea, she will be offering meals delivered to the gym for $8.00 per meal. This includes 1 protein and 2 sides. Meals will be random each week as the menu will change week-to-week. Email her for more questions.

Nutrition Coaching During / After the challenge: Our coaches are here to help if you would like personalized assistance during or after the challenge. This is for members who need weekly check in's and help with the challenge and overall nutrition. Ask one of our coaches for more information on pricing and details.

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Mon, January 20, 2020 - Sun, February 23, 2020 Eastern Standard Time
Chelsea Espe
Coach Chelsea is organizing our five week challenge. Chelsea has her Precision Nutrition Certificate and has coached clients for over 4 years with macros, weight loss, muscle gain and maintenance. She also has thorough knowledge in meal prepping and preparing for successful nutrition.

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