Challenge by: Ness Lawgun from FitNess Nutrition &  FarNorth CrossFit

FarNorth CrossFit is taking on the #800gChallenge by OptimizeMe Nutrition.

Here it is: EAT 800 gms, by weight, of fruits and vegetables per day.....and then anything else you want.

YOU pick which fruits and veggies you eat. Preparation style doesn't matter. Weigh them cooked, canned, frozen or fresh!! What's important is that you get a healthy dose of fruits and veggies in your diet, without overly strict and unrealistic rules.

It's healthy eating WITHOUT the obsession

#WodifyRise #RiseToTheChallenge #FNCFFebFruitVeg #betterthanyesterday
Mon, February 3, 2020 - Mon, March 2, 2020 New Zealand Standard Time
Ness Lawgun from FitNess Nutrition &  FarNorth CrossFit
FNCF is taking on the #800gChallenge.  It's a simple way to get people to eat a good amount of fruits and veggies a day. Positive results include weight loss, better energy & performance, improved recovery and more!! It's great because it focuses on adding to your diet not taking away.

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