Challenge by: BayWay CrossFit
100 Pull-Up Challenge

Ok, yall, we are somewhat settled into the new place, so it's time to run our first challenge! 

Starting June 14th, we will be doing the 100 pull-up challenge. 

The challenge is simple. You will complete 100 strict pull-ups each week. 

You have Monday through Friday to post your results. You get 2 points for every day you post your results. There are possible 6 points you can earn each week. You can only do 35 pull-ups per day. This means to get your 100 pull-ups for the week, you must do three days of pull-ups. If you do not have a membership that allows for three days a week, you can complete the third day away from the gym. 

There will be a weekend cardio challenge that will be different each week. You will be able to do this at home. If you complete this challenge, you will receive an additional 3 points for the week. 

We will be dividing all the participants into three teams where two coaches captain each team. We will put everyone into a random team generator and divide us up. 

As a team, you can also earn points. If an entire team gets all their pull-ups done, the team will receive an additional 5 points, and if the whole team does all the pull-ups and the weekend challenge, the team will earn 15 points. 

The submission days are Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for the pull-ups and Saturday for the weekend challenge. You will have one additional day to backdate your scores, so you technically do not have to do your pull-ups on that day. 

If we do kipping pull-ups in our WOD for the day, you are not allowed to count that towards your daily needs; these are strict pull-ups, but if the WOD has strict pull-ups, you can count it, or if you change your workout to strict you can count it. 

Each team will have a different colored shirt, like a jersey, and the winning team will get 10% off their next month's membership. 

Some basic guidelines. A strict pull-up starts at a dead hang with elbows locked out and finishes with your chin over the bar. We are allowing for Band Assisted, Ground Assisted, and Ring Rows as modifications for this challenge. There will be more details on those modifications later.

We will be using Wodify Rise for this challenge. You will sign-up through the app and use the app to record your scores. This helps keep you accountable and makes it easy for me to tally up scores at the end of the week. But for your score to be official, you have to fill out a scorecard and turn it in each week. The scorecards will be printed and out in the cubbies for you. You will get a new one each Monday and turn it in the previous weeks when you pick up your new one. On each scorecard, there will be a space to list four workouts. (3 pull-ups and one weekend.) In each box, you will record how you did each pull-up workout. (Date, CF class, attended, Modification, Reps, Sets) 
3:50 pm Class
Banded Pullup Modification: 
3 sets x 12 reps

Sing-up will be $25, which gets you in the game for the discount and a shirt. 

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Mon, June 14, 2021 - Sun, July 4, 2021 Central Standard Time
BayWay CrossFit
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