Challenge by: Sarah Sirico and Dan Hagerman

For 45 days (be sure to see details for each task page)

- Stick to a nutrition plan (we can help determine your plan)
- No alcohol
- Complete a 30 minute workout (hard, sweat inducing) 4 days/week
- Walk at a brisk pace for an accumulated minimum of 20 minutes a day OUTSIDE regardless of temperature, rain or snow (if dangerously inclement weather only, pace at home!)
- Complete 5+ minutes of mobility every day (we can provide suggestions)
- Drink 1/2 your body weight in oz of water daily
- Read 5 pages of inspirational non-fiction or listen to 10 minutes of developmental podcasts (we will provide suggestions!)
- Complete at least one stress reducing/resilience building activity daily (2+ min cold shower, 10+ minute meditation, 15+ minute sauna, compression or NuCalm session, 20+ minute nap, 10+ minutes of gratitude journaling)
- Take a weekly progress pic

#WodifyRise #RiseToTheChallenge
Mon, January 16, 2023 - Wed, March 1, 2023 Eastern Standard Time
Sarah Sirico and Dan Hagerman
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