Challenge by: Lakeside Fitness Center
6 Week Summer Shape Up!

Welcome to the 6 Week Summer Shape Up Program!!!! 

This app isn't a progress or specific tracking app, it is more of an accountability one.  Along the way you will have "tasks" and answers on those tasks to complete, such as "How was your nutrition today?" "Were you active today (outside of your workout)?" "Did you workout today?" "Track your progress by taking pictures" etc., by answering these questions you get points awarded to them, I will use the point system for gym rewards, plus the point system allows me to get a quick overview of who is doing what they need to do to succeed on their fitness journey.  

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Mon, April 9, 2018 - Sat, May 19, 2018 Eastern Standard Time
Lakeside Fitness Center
At Lakeside Fitness Center we take pride in helping people on their fitness journey.  Our trainers are committed to your success!  Ask anyone who knows them!  We hope you enjoy this process and get out of it all that you desired.
Here is to your health and wellness,

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