Challenge by: 802 Crossfit
802 Crossfit Nutrition Addition Challenge

After a year of losing out, let’s celebrate the things that we can DO and ADD! The goal of this challenge is to build abundant, healthy plates. Our focus is filling up on the good stuff which will leave little room for the bad. In addition to adding lots of fruit and veggies, we will strive to EAT REAL, NON-PROCESSED food along the way.  

Rules are not overly strict, depriving you of many things, but instead, rules are simple with the goal of teaching life long habits!

To give you all a little extra motivation, we will be partnering you up with a friend to tackle this challenge together.  We will be doing our best to pair up teams that know each other, and will help inspire one another. 

Payment is $25 cash due by 5/31/2021. Prizes will be awarded to top performers and a coaches pick!


What Are The Goals?

Remember, we are shooting to be BETTER and NOT PERFECT in this Challenge.  Any little bit of improvement is better than nothing at all!

1. Eat up to 800 grams of fruits and vegetables every day. Don't quite make it to 800? Get some points for 600g too! 

2. Eat unprocessed foods and/or foods without added sugar and get points.  This is the big one where most get their results from.  

3. Sleep up to 8 hours a night, get points (naps count).

4. Drink water, get points. 

5. Work out up to 5 days a week, get points. 

6. Perform run group once a week, get points.  

7. Don't drink, get points

Mon, May 31, 2021 - Sun, July 11, 2021 Eastern Standard Time
802 Crossfit
Our Challenge will run for a total of 6 weeks.  May 31- July 2nd.  We will be partnering you up with a friend, or small team to help with accountability.  Again, we are shooting for better and not perfection with this challenge.

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