Challenge by: Train 8NINE Training Facility
8N May Lifestyle Challenge

This challenge won't be easy, but nothing worth having ever is!  Let us push, motivate and hold you accountable. NOW LET'S GO! 

Our May Lifestyle Challenge is designed to build sustainable fitness & health habits which will help you reach optimal body composition, fitness and overall health.  

The challenge begins with an InBody test which will measure body-fat percentage. The goal is to reduce body-fat over the course of the challenge.  You'll also be tested on three different workouts measuring strength, endurance and general work capacity. Lastly, you'll gain points by keeping a daily log of required tasks. This is done through our easy-to-use app. 

Here's what you get:

  • A chance to win three free months of membership
  • Daily workouts either at Train 8NINE or online 
  • Access to our RISE app with daily tasks
  • One InBody test pre-challenge ($40 value)
  • One InBody test post-challenge ($40 value)
  • A shopping list designed by Erik Bustillo R.D 
  • Access to our Lifestyle Challenge Facebook Group
  • Access to our Zoom Lifestyle Seminar with your coaches and R.D. 

Once registered, you must schedule your pre-challenge InBody test prior to the opening of the challenge. Towards the end of the challenge, you will schedule your post-challenge InBody. Once we have all participants' InBody recorded, we will post the results and announce the winners! 

Here are the three segments of the challenge you will receive: 

*Pre and Post Challenge InBody body-fat test. 
*Pre and Post Challenge benchmark workouts to test your level of strength, endurance and general work capacity.
*Daily tasks listed below:

*SLEEP: 7-8 hours daily
*WATER: 64-80 oz daily (8-10 cups)
*PROTEIN: 0.7-0.8 in grams of body weight daily
*VEGGIES: 2 cups daily (greens encouraged)
*FRUITS: 2 cups daily (preferably fiber rich)
*EXERCISE: 4-5 times weekly
*MEDITATION &/or READING: perform one or both for at least 10 minutes daily
*NO ALCOHOL (except Freedom Day)

You will check off every task daily except alcohol (on Fridays) and exercise (on Saturdays) and accumulate points. 

Scoring will be broken down into three parts;
33% for Benchmark workouts
33% for InBody (Body composition) changes
34% for daily tasks completed. 

For the workouts and InBody, the score will be based on the difference from the pre to post score. That percentage will then be placed into a leaderboard and given a ranking. The daily task score will be scored on Wodify Rise. 

*All three leaderboard rankings will be added up to give participants a total score. 

Top male and top female will win three free months of membership.

Once you register you'll receive an email with full details instructions and how to schedule you pre-challenge InBody body fat test. 

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Mon, May 3, 2021 - Sun, May 30, 2021 Eastern Standard Time
Train 8NINE Training Facility
Train 8NINE - Home of CrossFit Coconut Grove

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