Challenge by: Jon Rowley
August Shred - Pool Party Prep


DISCLAIMER **** on the entire challenge worth calling out. If at any time you do not feel well, dizzy, out of sorts, sick, etc. - Please hit the pause button and EAT. No harm in this at all - there is always tomorrow. Sometimes it takes a while to rewire your metabolism but there is no rush! 

August 18 - 27th. 10 days to get toned for the last of pool season!  

I’m coming out hot this go round and plan to put my money where my mouth is. I don’t think you’ll beat me, however, if you do, I’ll give you a month of concierge coaching to someone whose life we can change together ($300 value). If you beat me, chances are you need to start helping coach others :) 

What is the big component for August? Setting you up for amazing sleep. That is the focus - If we get you sleeping better, you’ll burn more fat, have more energy during the day, recover faster, be able to train harder, and invariably, get the results you want - faster. 

I’ve installed some lifestyle components that I’m terrible at and need more help with (see below). Namely getting off my phone by 8 pm, sitting to eat (I NEVER do this), and actually practicing some breath work on a daily basis. 

We’re going to ask you to lift weights each day and we’ll send a video explaining the rep scheme and what we’re looking for in the movement. 

Eating wise we’re going to keep things pretty well changed up. There is going to be some ‘fasting’ but mostly concentrating on keeping carbs away from bedtime to help balance blood sugars and playing around with some earlier eating window, and oh yeah, skipping dinner a couple of times. 

Most people are great at skipping breakfast but in order to boost your metabolism, we’re actually going to flip the switch for two of the days to make you eat big in the morning / early afternoon and then shut it down. 

All in all - It’s going to be a fantastic 11 days and the icing on the cake is the pool party we’re hosting on August 28th!! 

Let’s do it!! 


  • Fitness 
    • Lifting 6x week 
    • 1-hour walk on Sunday (no phone)
  • Eating
    • (I'll explain in more detail during the shred but these are the eating windows...) 5, 6, 7 pm, then 12 - 6 pm, all day, breakfast & lunch, lunch, BLD, Breakfast and lunch, Lunch & dinner, 11 - 7, 
    • No carbs after 3 pm any days of the challenge (including fruit and potatoes) 
    • No Booze / Sugar / Grains / Processed food
  • Lifestyle 
    • Breathwork before 10 am. 30 breaths and an exhale hold. 
    • 8/7/6 hours in bed
    • Eat while seated
    • No TV/Phone after 8 pm

NOTE: The rate is $30/$40 (future clients) for the entire challenge. This gives you access to the daily instruction/accountability / a team leaderboard and the kick in the pants we all need to get the results we're after. 

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Wed, August 18, 2021 - Fri, August 27, 2021 Central Standard Time
Jon Rowley
Results - Its' the reason I get out of bed in the morning and it's what I want to help deliver to you by offering these challenges. I'm here as your resource and will also be participating as I most certainly take my own prescriptions. Looking forward to Shredding with you!!!

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