Challenge by: Nicole Bleak
CF 7220 PROvember Nutrition Challenge

Whether you are near or far, join the CrossFit 7220 community in November to focus on our protein intake. $10 entry fee will go toward prizes (and help you commit!). 

You'll get daily points for muscle building workouts and for your protein consumption. 

#WodifyRise #RiseToTheChallenge

Do the workouts have to be done at CrossFit 7220?
​​​​​​​No, you can do home workouts as long as they include some type of resistance (even if it's just body weight).

What if I don't meet my protein goal everyday but come close?
There will be points for getting close! The goal is to bring awareness to your protein consumption and encourage you to increase your intake. 

What are the prizes? 
Gift cards to local business. The more people that enter, the more prizes there will be! 

How do I log my points?
You'll use the Wodify Rise App to enter your daily protein intake, each Saturday you'll enter in your workouts for the previous week (you only get points for up to 4--- you need rest days!)

Sun, November 1, 2020 - Mon, November 30, 2020 Morocco Standard Time
Nicole Bleak
Protein consumer, COVID-19 survivor.

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