Challenge by: CrossFit Evolving and pH Nutrition
CrossFit Evolving 30 day nutrition challenge

A re-education of how to eat well, fuel your performance and improve your health.

You will have daily and weekly tasks to complete. Each time you complete a task you log it and work your way up the leaderboard! 

Regardless of your goal this challenge will help you supercharge your training, recovery and overall health.

Let's do this team!


How is the challenge run?

A partnership between CrossFit Evolving and pH Nutrition. We have designed a 30 day challenge that you can sign up to regardless of your goal. We will provide a nutrition guide, meal plans, recipes, workouts and education over the month. 

This is not a super low carb or a ridiculous juice is about educating you on how to get your nutrition plan set up for long term success! 


We have a facebook group where you can ask questions, gets tips and be part of the community.


+ What do I actually get?

We deliver a step by step guide through our app with regular content, links and downloads. You receive a recipe pack and sample meal plans every 10 days alongside a tonne of other resources to help guide you through the challenge. 

We will have a facebook support group and hold regular Q&A’s to help you crush the challenge.

+ What foods do I have to remove?

We will ask you to remove sugar and processed food.  We will provide you with a food table which we have categorised into anytime foods, training foods and foods to limit.  

+ So this is not low carb?

No this is not low carb. It is more "controlled" carb. We want to eat our carbs at the right times to support our energy and training performance. Calories are the key to fat loss. 

+ I do not want to track my food?

The challenge is about finding a pattern of eating that works for you. We will ask you to be in a calorie deficit to elicit fat loss. You do not have to track, just like you to do not have to follow the exact meal structure. But if you do, you will make progress quicker. It is a challenge, some parts are not meant to be easy!

+ Can I do it if I am a vegetarian/vegan?

Yes absolutely. The principles are exactly the same! 

+ Do I have to follow the meal structure?

Yes and no!

Let us explain

One of the biggest areas we see with members is lack of structure. This leads to either mindless snacking as you haven't planned when the next meal is, or you haven't eaten enough so you are hungry. Regular patterns of eating are crucial for fat loss and strength gains.

The meal structure is set as a guide, not a rulebook. Over the course of the challenge, we encourage you to personalise it so it fits your lifestyle.

Sat, January 26, 2019 - Mon, February 25, 2019 GMT Standard Time
CrossFit Evolving and pH Nutrition
A collaboration between CrossFit Evolving and pH Nutrition to provide you with everything you need to kick start your health and crush your performance.

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