Challenge by: Hard Exercise Works Orlando

The East Orlando Chamber of Commerce HEWfit Challenge is a 5-week team-style nutrition and exercise challenge brought to you by Hard Exercise Works Orlando and Fresh Kitchen. Whether you are looking to lose weight, build muscle, or just feel healthier and stronger, this challenge will help you learn to tailor your nutrition to meet your wellness goals. Register your team of 5 or more today!

Cost: $159 per participant ($265 Value) | Challenge Seminar: February 15th • 5:00 PM

Each participant will receive: 

  • 5 weeks of unlimited classes 
  • Before and after InBody scans
  • Personalized nutrition plan and guide
  • Weekly check-in with HEW coach
  • 24/7 support via exclusive Facebook group
  • Chances to earn amazing prizes from Fresh Kitchen!
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What if I don't have time to prep my meals?

Check out Fresh Kitchen in Waterford Lakes! Their menu is 100% gluten free and most items are HEWfit-approved. They can work with almost ANY dietary restriction, and have an allergy sheet listing the ingredients in every menu item (available upon request). They also have a catering option for even more convenience! 

Learn more here:

So can I really have ANYTHING at Fresh Kitchen? 

Almost! The only non-compliant menu items are the BBQ chicken, the cheese add-on, and the parmesan broccoli. We also recommend steering clear of all sweets while on HEWfit, so try to save the brownies and cookies for your post-HEWfit enjoyment. 

Can I have coffee?

Of course! Feel free to enjoy your daily cup of tea or coffee with some unsweetened almond or cashew milk, and a small amount of honey or stevia if needed. 

Is there a vegetarian option? 

There is! Our protein substitutes can be found in your HEWfit guide. If you need additional protein options, just ask a HEW coach.

Can I take my supplements?

It depends. At Hard Exercise Works we believe there is no substitute for proper nutrition, and your goal during HEWfit should be to learn how to give your body what it needs through the right foods. But depending on your goals, some supplements (such as protein powder) may be beneficial. Your supplement is just that though - a supplement - and does not replace your normal meals. It must also meet HEWfit nutrition standards and contain no artificial sweeteners or flavors. When in doubt, if you can't pronounce the ingredient - you probably shouldn't have it. 

What if I'm out of town? 

Do a travel WOD! You can find our packet online at

Mon, February 19, 2018 - Sat, March 24, 2018 Eastern Standard Time
Hard Exercise Works Orlando
Our fitness routine is centered on a potent combination of high-intensity strength and endurance training – scaled to YOUR level of fitness. Be confident. Be strong. Be HEWman!

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