Challenge by: Walnut Valley Outpost Barbell Club
Every Plate Every Day!

Please join us for this #actualscience nutrition challenge! We'll be eating plenty of vegetables along with our proteins, fats AND carbs.

During the challenge we will:
- learn how food works with our bodies

- which foods work best for your body

- develop eating habits that can are sustainable throughout your life

- hold ourselves accountable for what we eat & drink

- incorporate movement into our everyday lives

- accept that how we feel is move important than any number on the scale

#RiseToTheChallenge #WodifyRise #everyplateeveryday
Mon, January 11, 2021 - Wed, February 10, 2021 Central Standard Time
Walnut Valley Outpost Barbell Club
WVO Barbell club has been serving up amazing workouts since 2013. As amazing as our workouts are your foundation begins in the kitchen, fueling your body with the best possible nutrients. This four week challenge is a great time to discover something new and learn what works best for your body.

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