Challenge by: Foundation Nutrition Coach, Angela Salveo, Pn1, CF-L2
💥GAME ON: Healthy Kids & Teens Challenge 2019💥

What is the 14-Day GAME ON Foundation Nutrition Challenge all about?
The 14-day GAME ON Nutrition challenge is NOT a diet. This is an introduction to healthy eating and lifestyle habits that will guide youth athletes and their parents on the right path to make positive choices throughout their entire life. 

Specifically designed for Kids & Teens, our goal is to help participants develop an awareness of how lifestyle choices, such as nutrition quality, nutrition quantity, hydration, sleep, and screen time, can directly impact their energy and mood as well as their focus and productivity in the classroom. We believe that these five nutrition and lifestyle habits that are healthiest for us as grownups are also healthiest for our growing children.

Every day, participants will be given a “challenge” to complete. The challenges will range from eating a balanced breakfast and packing a healthy snack for school to getting to bed on time.

Our goal is to empower kids to make healthy choices beyond the 14 days because they have experienced first-hand how it can impact their energy, focus, performance and recovery. 

To experience the most success, parents and athletes should embark on this challenge together!

Nutrition Challenge Details

Improve your health & wellness in 14-days by focusing on 5 habits every day. All details listed below.

  1. NUTRITION QUALITY— Eat only whole (unprocessed), nutrient-dense foods from the food list.
  2. NUTRITION QUANTITY — Follow portion guidelines as outlined below to ensure you get enough vitamins and minerals to maximize energy and performance.
  3. HYDRATION — Drink enough water from the moment you wake up, through the day and into training.
  4. SLEEP — Get enough sleep every night to maximize recovery.
  5. SCREEN TIME — Limit recreational screen time to less than one hour each day.
Mon, January 7, 2019 - Sun, January 20, 2019 Eastern Standard Time
Foundation Nutrition Coach, Angela Salveo, Pn1, CF-L2
Foundation Nutrition Coach, Angela Salveo, Pn1, CF-L2, is highly specialized &  trained in fitness, wellness and nutrition.
She is a CrossFit L2 trainer, CrossFit kids coach, ACSM Wellcoach, received her Bachelors in Exercise Physiology from ISU & is a certified Precision Nutrition coach.

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