Challenge by: Golden Ape CrossFit
GA Nutrition & Lifestyle Challenge

This 30-day Golden Ape Nutrition & Lifestyle Challenge is a fun exploration of healthy nutrition and lifestyle habits. Daily tasks will encourage you to experiment with simple ways to elevate your existing routine - from healthier meals out to deeper connections with loved ones. No measuring, no calorie-counting, just a sustainable approach to living a stress-free "nutritional lifestyle."

**Each ticket will include two Inbody scans (beginning and end of challenge), a t-shirt, and a challenge that will set you up for nutritional success. 

What to expect:

1. Daily tasks: Food journal (taking pictures of your balanced meals: breakfast, lunch, and dinner), Hydration (drinking bewtween 32-100 oz. of mainly water), and Movement (intentional; walk, stretch, workout, etc. for 20+ minutes). 

2. Short reading assignments geared toward educational nutrition information. 

3. Fun tasks to complete, which will be different every day. For example: "Today eat a RED fruit," "Write a letter to a friend," "Try a vegetable you've never had before." 

4. Accountability in a private Facebook group and on the Wodify Rise app from our coaches. 

5. You will set yourself up for success during the week every weekend by going to the grocery store. Every Friday there will be a chance to take progress pictures to see how much your awesomeness is paying off. 

You will get points varying in number for each task you complete. 

We are super excited to help you reach your nutritional goals! 

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Sat, July 25, 2020 - Mon, August 24, 2020 Central Standard Time
Golden Ape CrossFit
Our mission at Golden Ape: To be an inclusive community of fitness enthusiasts with 2 primary objectives. 1. To make fitness fun  2. Equip athletes with the tools necessary to reach their health and fitness goals.

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