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Let's cut to it - what do I win and how do I win? Challenger with top points on Monday 2/13 gets 75% of the winner's pot in CASH SHMONEY. 2nd place gets 25%! 

Additionally - the classes are now teams based on schedule and the 2 coaches for each team are the Head and Assistant Coaches for that team! The team with the most cumulative points from all members receives a 100-point boost in the CrossFit Open challenge. The coaches with the least amount of participants will throw down for the first announced Open Workout! 

Teams - 

A Team 5/6 am Jojo and Alex

B Team 815/915 am Marcus and Amanda

C Team 430/530 pm Alexis and Darrell

It's time to THRIVE by getting back to those healthy habits that create lasting success!

Join your gym friends and coaches in a 4-week habit challenge! The participant with the most points at the close of the challenge on Sunday 2/12 WINS! 

You can earn up to 10 points per day for the following Habits:

  • Participate in a gym workout class (3 points)
  • Set a WOD goal for the workout each day and share as an image in your Wodify results for that workout (2 points)
  •  Drink your body weight in ounces of water (2 points)
  • Consume 75% of your body weight in grams of protein (1 point)
  • Consume fiber - 20 for women and 25 for men (1 point)
  • Complete the 10-minute mobility flow (1 point)
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  • Workouts - this will also qualify if you follow programming provided to you such as Strongman, Oly, etc for those working toward those goals. 
  • WOD Goals - before your workout starts, look it over and state a goal. Perhaps you want to use a new weight, you don't want to walk on any of the runs, you want to hit a certain number of rounds, or you want to get off the bike for cals in a certain time? Set a goal! You don't have to achieve it but you're more likely to achieve goals that you... set. LOL Take a picture of your whiteboard with the stated goal and attach that image in your Wodify workout results
  • Water - if you weigh 150lbs you drink 150oz water simple as that. Yes, you can adjust if you weigh regularly and your weight fluctuates. 
  • Protein - if you weight 150lbs, 75% of your body weight is 112.5 so eat 113g of protein. Yes, you can adjust if you weigh regularly and your weight fluctuaties
  • Fiber - simple. For ideas visit Kristen's article
  • On the far right whiteboard, there will be a 10-minute mobility flow. Follow it! You can take a pic and do it at home too!
Mon, January 16, 2023 - Sun, February 12, 2023 US Mountain Standard Time
Lift and Thrive
It's time to THRIVE! Join us in completing these healthy habits each day for a month!

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