Challenge by: CrossFit Knoxville
Healthy Habits Holiday Hustle

The 2021 Healthy Habits Holiday Hustle Challenge is all about just that...Healthy Habits!  We won’t focus on restriction or temporary lifestyle changes to get “Summer Abs.”  This will be a set of daily/weekly challenges and tasks designed to create lasting, sustainable habits.​ ​

Using the point system, throughout this challenge we will be doing raffles and giveaways to participants!


1. Eat protein with every meal! One palm-sized serving for women and two palm-sized servings for men. The majority of protein intake should come from healthy whole food sources. (Bonus point for consuming 1g per pound of desired body weight! See bonus task below.)

2. Drink 1/2 bodyweight in oz of water daily.

3. Workout 5+ days a week. Make sure to sign into class through Wodify or CFK Go. If working out outside of CFK, use workout tracking device (Apple watch, Garmin, Run Keeper, etc.) 

4. Sleep 7+ hours a night. 

Bonus points:

1. Read 10+ pages a day (self-improvement or educational)

2. Go for a 30-minute walk every day (does not include workout). 

3. Consume 1g of protein per pound of desired body weight. Track food with food tracking app or keep a food log via pen and paper. 

Mon, November 8, 2021 - Mon, December 20, 2021 Eastern Standard Time
CrossFit Knoxville
At CrossFit Knoxville we want you to not only survive life but thrive!  Exercise 5-6 days per week, eat clean foods, and enjoy your life.  Modern life is fast and our obligations are endless.  Take the time to prepare yourself so you are ready for all of life's challenges.

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