Challenge by: Trish Barrows
Healthy Habits Nutrition Challenge

Lets get back on track! This challenge is designed to develop a solid foundation for healthy nutrition habits going forward. It focuses on building and sustaining good practices that you can use the rest of your life. The winners will be determined by point totals. There will be a baseline of eating habits designed to fuel performance and every week we will introduce new habits designed to help you recognize your hunger cues, manage your portions and develop your own goals.


How do I enroll?

Is it Keto? Paleo? Whole 30?- This challenge is geared to developing long lasting habits.

Can I do this and track Macros at the same time? Yes, if any of your macro requirements make hitting the goals too challenging, reach out to Trish and we can discuss what your goal should be. This really shouldn't be an issue unless you have very specific goals for a specialized diet. 

Do I need a food scale? Will I need to measure my food? No, for the 800 gram portion it is perfectly acceptable to use hand size or cup size measurements.

What habits are we working on? Habits include portion sizes for protein, fruits and vegetables, recognizing hunger cues, eating slowly without distractions and recovery. 

Where will information be published? Guides will be published along with the challenge via wodify and facebook. 

How often will by email be flooded? At your request. 

Mon, June 22, 2020 - Mon, August 3, 2020 Central Standard Time
Trish Barrows
CrossFit Trenches Coach

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