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New Year New You Sprint @ Ignite Fitness

Are you ready to jump start your 2020 the right way? Get your nutrition in order and realize your goals?

Well you are in luck! Grab a friend, and join us as we begin our New Year, New You 40-Day Sprint in which we'll get you refocused and ready to take on the new year.

As always, you're going to receive a TON of services (over a $545 Value) in this 40-day sprint:

Here are some of the high points of what you are going to receive:
✔️ On-Site Biometric Testing for Before Measurements
✔️ In-Depth Biometric Test Analysis and Overview
✔️ Certified Nutrition Coach Live Nutrition Seminar
✔️ Individualized Nutrition Prescription
✔️ Customized Point Tracking Software
✔️ Daily Accountability with a certified Nutrition Coach
✔️ Private Community Group guided by a certified nutrition coach with recipes, motivation, accountability, and more!
✔️ Proven success strategies that have helped thousands of people
✔️ "Now What?" Live Seminar and exit strategy to keep you moving in the right direction after the 40 days
✔️ On-Site Biometric testing to track your results
✔️ Winners announced and prize packages awarded

Registration includes access to ALL services listed above and in the running for the prize pool! Not to mention, your fat loss and muscle gain results will speak for themselves!

What do I need to do??

​​​​​​​1. Sign-up at the link above and get invited to your gyms private nutrition sprint group!

2. Get your before test with a professional and InBody 570

3. Attend the live getting started seminars (dates in your private group)

4. Start tracking, (you'll learn about this at the seminar), and trust the process

5. Earn daily points for get BONUS points for Body Fat lost and Lean Muscle Mass gained!

​​​​​​​You're right for this challenge if you:
✔️ Can trust a process that has led to hundred's of success stories.
✔️ Have goals you're ready to crush
✔️ Are looking for focus and accountability
✔️ Want to achieve real health, look better, and feel better

✅ If you have any questions, you'll have access to a Nutrition Coach that will be here to ensure your success! ✅

#Happy #Healthy #MyVitality #HealthStartsHere

#Happy #Healthy #MyVitality HealthStartsHere
Mon, January 27, 2020 - Fri, March 6, 2020 Central Standard Time
Ignite Fitness powered by CrossFit
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