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2019 New Year NEW YOU Challenge J19 Fitness Hoover

Are you looking to get back on track after the holidays and make 2019 the year that you got in the best shape of your life? Then look no further! We are beginning our 6-week New Year NEW YOU Nutrition Challenge in which we cover ALL aspects of Fitness and Nutrition to ensure you achieve exactly what you are looking to accomplish this season and beyond. 

This isn't a get-quick illusion, but a jump start into a lifelong lifestyle that's going to continue to produce lasting results of health and wellness. 

We are going to give you all of the tools needed to take charge of your life and make 2019 your best year yet. Fitness and Nutrition, all encompassing and personalized to YOU.

Our NEW YOU 6-week Nutrition Challenge begins on January 7th. This challenge will be 100% bullet-proof to get you back and ready after the holidays, including; dedicated workouts and programming, personal coaching, nutrition assistance, recipes, dietary support, daily feedback, daily nutrition metrics, and more. 

The challenge begins with two parts:

1) The weekend before we will be hosting a Nutrition Seminar with a Nutritionist that will detail your TDEE (Total Daily Energy Expenditure), Total Daily Caloric Need, Macronutrient Breakdown, as well as how to eat well while juggling a busy life.

2) Before the seminar, MyVitality out with InBody precision body fat and composition testing device.  This device will give you a detailed printout of your fat mass, body water content, muscle mass, and even a segmented analysis to show you exactly where muscle and fat is on your body. Our nutritionist will also help interpret your results for you!

How to Test:
InBody Results Analysis:
*Note, your nutritionist will provide a detailed interpretation of your sheet for you

During the challenge we'll be implementing what we learn in the seminar and through the InBody Precision Analysis.

We'll be tracking three things:
1) Daily nutrition and macros (healthy and nutritious!)
2) Physical activity and completing the WOD
3) Completing extra fitness and activity
We'll also be taking weekly progress pictures (optional of course, but we suggest it!)

We are going to take 6-weeks working together to test our fitness, measure our current body fat, lean body mass, BMI, and body fat percentages; as well as we'll be testing out multiple fitness metrics and then applying our nutrition knowledge together to build lean body mass and drop fat. 

Testing and interpretation alone is generally $55 per person but you'll be getting Before AND After measurements, as well all of the resources and 6-weeks, for just $75! The rest of the challenge is included with your membership and is absolutely no cost to you.

As always, we are looking for our athletes to continually improve, and this is the absolute best way to kick start our year.

What's included in our NEW YOU challenge?

  • ​​​​​​​Before and After InBody Precision Body Composition Tests
  • InBody Composition Test Analysis
  • Individualized Caloric Prescription
  • Detailed Nutrition Prescription
  • Seminar hosting Professional Nutritionist
  • 6-weeks of Nutritionist Support
  • TDEE, BMR, and Macro Individualized Prescription
  • Custom Nutrition Strategy
  • Getting Started Nutrition Handbook

Let's make this our best challenge yet! If you have anyone who would like to participate, please have them call the gym or e-mail us!

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Mon, January 7, 2019 - Sun, February 17, 2019 Morocco Standard Time
J19 Fitness - Hoover
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