Challenge by: J19 Fitness Hoover
Summer Slimdown 6-Week Challenge

We are back!  As one of our leanest and strongest challenges yet, J19 Fitness Hoover is hosting the 2019 Summer Slimdown to get ready for summer by taking control of our fitness and health!

With HUNDREDS of pounds of fat lost and lean muscle gained each challenge, we know you'll enjoy this opportunity to kick-off your 2019 Summer!

​​​​​​​You're right for this challenge if you:
✔️ Want proven nutrition methods to reach your goals
✔️ Would like more accountability
✔️ Want to know HOW to eat right
✔️ Are motivated to follow a plan to get results
✔️ Want to get healthier, look better, and feel better
✔️ Looking to build muscle or drop fat (or both!)

So, how will this work? 
You'll receive a detailed body composition analysis, both Before AND After tests
✔️ With this information you'll receive a customized nutrition strategy
✔️ From there you'll take 6 weeks to incorporate proven methods for success
✔️ Along the way you'll have accountability with a MyVitality Nutrition Coach
✔️ 5 Live Seminars with your Nutrition Coach to keep you in the game and motivated
✔️ Team Support throughout to keep you accountable

How do I participate and win?
​​​​​​​1️⃣ Sign-up at the link above
2️⃣ Receive your body composition test and custom nutrition strategy at our Nutrition Seminar
3️⃣ Start tracking points (you'll learn about this at the seminar) for 6-weeks and stick with your program
4️⃣ Have the MOST Points at the end of the challenge and WIN! Team and Individual Winners Announced!
👉 (Oh, we'll also be taking into account total Body Fat LOST, and total Lean Muscle GAINED - the more fat lost, and the more muscle gained, the more bonus points you receive!)

Be sure to check the Community Page for more information!

✅ If you have any questions, you'll have access to a Nutrition Coach that will be here to ensure your success! ✅

As always, we are looking for our athletes to continually improve, and this is the absolute best way to kick start our year.

Let's make this our best challenge yet! If you have anyone who would like to participate, have them call the gym or e-mail us!

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Mon, May 20, 2019 - Mon, July 1, 2019 Central Standard Time
J19 Fitness Hoover
From professional athletes to housewives and businessmen, our program produces amazing results! We are a family oriented exercise affiliate focused on meeting and exceeding all our clients fitness goals.

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