Challenge by: FarmTown CrossFit
Jingle (not jiggle) All The Weigh

Ho, ho, ho! The holidays are here my friends! With Thanksgiving just days away and Christmas right around the corner, have you thought about how you are going to avoid that dreaded holiday weight gain?  Studies have shown that we tend to gain and keep and extra 3-5 pounds every December. Doesn’t seem like a lot but over a 5 year period that is an extra 10 pounds!

Well we can help!!

Join our 6 week partner accountability challenge to get you through the holiday season without gaining a single pound!

What you need to do….

Pick a partner near or far and go through the six weeks of challenges, support, and healthy eating to get you through the holidays without going completely off the rails! 

In the six weeks of “fitmas” we will unlock recipes, tips, prizes and support to keep you fit through the season!

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Fri, November 22, 2019 - Fri, January 3, 2020 Mountain Standard Time
FarmTown CrossFit
Our coaches are ready to help you get through this holiday season! We have great tips, recipes, and prizes to keep you going!

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