Challenge by: CrossFit MIA
JUNE 2019 CAL BIKE Challenge

Your Challenge, if you choose to accept it:

BIKE FOR CALORIES (Modification: No Modification)

Complete a minimum of 28 women/ 40 men calories x 5 times a week.

You will be awarded one point for every 28/40 calories you complete.

If you miss a day, you can perform additional 28/40 calorie increments, max 84/120 calories per day.  

If you are an over achiever, go for it!  But you will have completed your task if you get 20 points.


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What if I complete 28/40calories, do I get credit for the extra two calories? NO

Can I do more than 28/40 calories per day? YES,  for a maximum of 84/120 calories and you will only be awarded 3 points.

Can I do less than 28/40 calories? YES, but you will not receive a point.

Can I perform this task outside the box? NO

Who will enter my calories/score? You are responsible for entering your calories on the WODify Rise App.  It is available in the APP STORE. 

Wed, May 1, 2019 - Sun, June 30, 2019 Eastern Standard Time
CrossFit MIA
Monthly Challenge June - Calorie Bike
Honor System! Don't forget to log your calories.
You will see your Daily Task in your Wodify Rise App.

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