Challenge by: Jon Rowley
May Shred (Memorial Day Prep)


10 days to get your wheels rolling and establish some positive habits as we roll into summer! We're going to place a heavy emphasis on some additional lifting and help you be a bit more mindful about eating. 

Here is more scoop:

Whether you're in it for vanity, physical prowess, or just stabilizing your hips so your back doesn't hurt, this Shred is going to work in epic proportions for you. 

Each day we'll have a designated supplemental workout that will focus on improving glute strength, core strength, stability, and of course - aesthetics. 

We'll also throw in some classic intermittent fasting that will be very very manageable plus a requirement that all meals must be consumed while you're seated - A difficult concept for many of us. 

The hardest part of the challenge is going to be the daily requirement to get outside for a minimum of 1 hour per day (which we'll just encourage you to go for a walk..) 

ALL our resources for this Shred can be found here:

HUGE NOTE **** on the entire challenge worth calling out. If at any time you do not feel well, dizzy, out of sorts, sick etc. - Please hit the pause button and EAT. No harm in this at all - there is always tomorrow. Sometimes it takes a while to rewire your metabolism but there is no rush! 

Here is how we’re going to score it: 

  • 6 Hour Eating Window (3 pts daily)
  • No Sugar (2 pts daily) 
  • No Booze (2 pts daily)
  • Daily Bonus Work (3 pts daily)
  • Complete your meals by 5/6/ or 7 pm (3/2/1 pts respectively)
  • All meals consumed while seated (3 pts daily) 
  • BONUS: Spend an hour outside

See you on the leaderboard! 


NOTE: The rate is $30/$40 (future clients) for the entire challenge. This gives you access to the daily instruction / accountability / a team leaderboard and the kick in the pants we all need to get the results we're after. 

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Wed, May 19, 2021 - Fri, May 28, 2021 Central Standard Time
Jon Rowley
Results - Its' the reason I get out of bed in the morning and it's what I want to help deliver to you by offering these challenges. I'm here as your resource and will also be participating as I most certainly take my own prescriptions. Looking forward to Shredding with you!!!

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