Challenge by: Viking Athletics
Moving Beyond Macros

Are you a newbie when it comes to tracking your nutrition?

Have you tracked before, but don't know what to do when you stop weighing and measuring food?

Are you lost when you don't track your macros?

We've got you covered! In "Moving Beyond Macros," our SIX WEEK nutrition challenge that's kicking off SUNDAY, MARCH 12, 2023, we'll show you how to use macros as a tool. This will help you understand appropriate portion control, and give you perspective into what you're actually ingesting. In the back half the challenge, we'll use the lessons learned in the first half, but ditch the scale and measuring cups. Instead, we'll focus on intuitive eating. When you have very specific goals regarding body composition, or you compete in a sport that has weight classes, macros are a great tool. For the rest of us, for most of the time, it's not a practical way to live. Use this challenge to bridge the gap.

What You'll Get:

  • Before and after InBody scans, so you can see your progress
  • Personalized nutrition guide based on you, your goals, and activity
  • Instructions on how to weight, measure, and log your food
  • Recipes to increase protein intake (most people struggle to eat enough)
  • Weekly focus areas as we try to establish healthy habits
  • Weekly check-ins with your nutrition coach

Cost: $120

We're capping this at 20 participants, so claim your spot quickly!

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Sun, March 12, 2023 - Sun, April 23, 2023 Eastern Standard Time
Viking Athletics
Viking Athletics is the premier fitness and nutrition coaching service in West Hartford, CT. Our personable and knowledgeable coaches are here to guide you towards success. We also happen to have just about 10,000 square feet of gym space to help you achieve your fitness goals.

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