Challenge by: CrossFit Odyssey Nutrition ~ Ellie McKenzie
New Year's 2021 8 Week Fitness and Nutrition Challenge 1/18 start

This is for the person who realizes that they have to finish with vacation and getting kids back in school and getting back to a routine before starting their official New Year regimen.This will be in-depth nutrition and will involve food logging and exercise for 8 weeks straight. During this time I will teach you as much as possible about nutrition and how it works in YOUR body and how to get YOUR food to work for you.

Why does this work? Because I am not telling you what to eat. You see, if I make you eat MY food then eventually you will get bored with it and you will want to eat the things that you love to eat. This program teaches you how to eat the foods YOU love and make them fit in to make you the strongest and the  healthiest you can be!

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Sun, January 17, 2021 - Sun, March 14, 2021 Central Standard Time
CrossFit Odyssey Nutrition ~ Ellie McKenzie
This is the Journey to Extraordinary. We teach physical exercise along with healthy nutrition. Your movement will improve, your health will improve, and your spirit will grow stronger.  We know that each person who joins our Journey will leave this place better and make the world a better place.

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