Challenge by: CrossFit Great North
North Country Health Challenge

Let's get healthy!

We've collaborated with local leaders and experts to bring you a health challenge that gives you the tools, knowledge, and resources, to feel better, get stronger, relax more, and have more fun! 

Summer in the north country isn't just time for mosquitoes and road construction, it's time to knock the rust off and enjoy this wonderful land we live in!  Over the course of the next 6 weeks, you will be challenged daily to learn about and lock down your nutrition, to get yourself limbered up and moving, and have a lot of fun while stretching your limits.  

This is a friendly competition and operates on the honor system.  Each day/week there will be opportunities to score points based on how well you do at incorporating these habits into your life.  There is a LOT here, so try not to let yourself be overwhelmed.  If it's a little scary, just pick one and stick to it as best you can.  Add more as you're able.  If you miss a day, no sweat!  Just get back after it the next day.  

Treat this as an experiment in healthy living.  You can always go back to the way you did things before.  That said, you may not want to.  The more you can immerse yourself in these tasks, habits, and concepts, the better you will feel!  Do your best and see what a difference 6 weeks can make!

Prizes and prize drawings for people who make it all the way through!


How will it be scored?

Each day you will be scored on the following:

  • Eating on the approved list
  • Water, veggie, and no snacking
  • Fitness (Outdoor activity counts!)
  • Mobility/Recovery
  • Stress Management
  • Weekly bonus points for Educational and Grab Bag Challenges
  • Progress pictures and measurements taken in the beginning, middle, and end

What will my food options be?

We will provide you with a range of foods for you to pick from when creating a meal. You will need to select a protein, carb, fat, and veggie from the approved foods list for each meal. Eat something off the list and you lose points for that meal.  Stick to the list!  You've got this for 6 weeks!

Here are just a few of the food options you will see:

Protein - Chicken, turkey breast, eggs, any meat 90% or leaner

Carbs - Rice, potatoes, oatmeal, fruit

Fat - Some cooking oils, raw nuts, nut butter, avocados

Veggies - Broccoli, spinach, green beans, asparagus, cauliflower, etc

- Whey protein will be allowed, should be used for a post workout only, not a meal replacement

- Very little dairy will be consumed for the most part

- For the last 3 weeks, we'll get a little tougher list!

What do I get when I sign up?

  • An approved foods list
  • Weekly educational material 
  • Access to Wodify Rise App
  • Access to the challenge FB page 
  • Support from other challenge participants!
  • A chance to win some awesome prizes!

What will I need for the challenge?

  • Body weight scale
  • Measuring tape for your body
  • Tupperware for meal prepping (optional, but SUPER helpful)
  • A positive attitude and determination to rock the next 5 weeks!

What if I like the way I eat?

That's totally okay too! We support you in anything you want to do. If the way you are currently eating is working for you and you feel like you don't need to change anything then that's ok! You can still be apart of the fun on the FB page and have a shot for winning some prizes.

What if I'm vegetarian/vegan?

There are available protein options for vegetarian, but there isn't a vegan option at this time. 

How long are tickets on sale for?

All ticket sales will be closed on MONDAY July 22nd at 10 PM. We will not be able to add anyone else to the challenge after sales close. 

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Mon, July 22, 2019 - Sat, August 31, 2019 Central Standard Time
CrossFit Great North
Our mission is to spread strength and freedom through health and fitness.

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