Challenge by: Sleven Crossfit

COVID-19 has produced the most unprecedented and unimaginable circumstances, interrupting our lives, routines, social interaction and daily habits - and we don’t know for how long! We believe that the best chance for us to remain happy, fit and healthy through this period of confinement is by helping and supporting each other and getting through it together. We’re launching SLEVEN QUARANTEAM to help keep you busy, with daily and weekly activities and to provide a way to keep the Sleven community engaged as one team through our quarantine!

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Do I have to complete ALL of the tasks every day?

No, not at all. You can participate as much as your schedule will allow. 

Are all of the tasks based around fitness?

No. You will be able to complete tasks based around nutrition, lifestyle and social aspects as well as fitness related tasks. 

Can I make suggestions for tasks?

OF COURSE! Send us an email, a message on Facebook or Instagram. We are all open for ideas.

Wed, April 1, 2020 - Thu, May 28, 2020 GMT Standard Time
Sleven Crossfit
At Sleven CrossFit, we believe that good fitness is a way of life, available to all. London life is tough and many find it hard to juggle work, friends, family and fitness. At Sleven, we take away these tough choices because we combine them into one package.

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