Challenge by: CrossFit Sanitas
Sanitas Clean Challenge

It’s that time again…time to bring some true intention to your nutrition and fitness goals. There’s nothing that will push your performance in and out of the gym to the next level like a nutrition reset. Get rid of food cravings, inflammation, brain fog, sleep disturbances, mood issues, etc.

I Know. But What Do You Win?!

This is a contest! The challenger with the most points at the end of the month will win a huge prize-bundle including free massage/acupuncture, SFH products, locally sourced meat from Locavore Delivery and more!

The Comprehensive Challenge includes:

  • Dedicated coach to guide you and answer any of your questions along the way
  • 1-week review of food log in google sheets to be shared with and reviewed after the first week is complete to ensure you're on the right track. Your coach will be looking at things like:
    • Meal timing
    • Pre and post workout nutrition
    • Are you eating enough,
    • Are you eating enough vegetables, etc.
  • Access to Wodify Rise tracking app to check off tasks, track your points, and see how you're ranked against other challengers
  • Before and After Body Fat and Inflammation Test on InBody 570 ($80 value)
  • Tons of recipes and articles on the "Why" and "How" for so many of the things we teach, emailed to you weekly
Mon, August 26, 2019 - Sun, September 22, 2019 Mountain Standard Time
CrossFit Sanitas
Voted Boulder's #1 CrossFit Gym

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