Challenge by: #SGMoves
#SGMoves 2018

#SGMoves is an initiative developed by a passionate group of people from the Southern Grampians region that seek to help improve the health of the community by addressing two key activity areas;

  1. To get more active in the way we go 'to' and 'from' places
  2. To reduce the blocks of time we remain seated 

The concept is very simple. Each day for 28 days, challengers login in and answer two questions about their 'active transport' and their 'unbroken sitting time'. Points will be accumulated based on how well each challenger performs.

#RiseToTheChallenge #WodifyRise
Mon, October 15, 2018 - Sun, November 11, 2018 AUS Eastern Standard Time
#SGMoves is a group of passionate Southern Grampians residents that have come together with the aim of improving the health of this community by getting more active in how we travel and by reducing the amount of time we sit without moving.

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