Challenge by: Rocky Point Fitness
Sleep better than a baby

We wanted to run a simple challenge that will have big impact.

Sleep is the foundation of your health and the primary mechanism to boost your immune system.

For the next two weeks (April 1st - 14th) we're going to centre your attention here. 

We will focus on three areas: 

  1. Total sleep 
  2. No screen time before bed 
  3. Foster community and support each other 

I've mentioned several times lately the importance of being consistent versus being perfect; therefore, there are variable points for both total sleep and no screen time. 

Each tracking item has a description and how to score. Please read prior to entering your score. 

There is no cost to enter the challenge and we hope that everyone participates! 

The winner of the challenge gets bragging rights and boosted immune system. 

Let's all get in on this and support each other towards improved health. Please encourage other members to join and let's all sleep like babies over the next two weeks!  


When is the first sleep recorded?

You will score April 1st' sleep and data on the morning of April 2nd, and April 2nd data on the morning of April 3rd and so on. (Navigate on the calendar at the top of the app to go back a day for input. Scoring is always open and available to be edited should you mess up a day.)

Where do I comment?

You must comment on the following Facebook group page in to qualify for the 3rd part of the challenge.

Does my sleep guided meditation count as using technology before bed?

Yes. If your phone is on and you have a screen lit then it will cancel those points.

If a phone call comes in after you’ve turned technology off does answering the phone affect the challenge?

Yes. If your phone is on and you have a screen lit then it will cancel those points.

Wed, April 1, 2020 - Tue, April 14, 2020 Pacific Standard Time
Rocky Point Fitness

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