Challenge by: Julia Larish, Founder of Dead Red Kitchen
Take Control of Your Kitchen

Dead Red Kitchen presents the Take Control of Your Kitchen Challenge. This is a 6 week challenge is new way to stay on track throughout the year. It is designed to teach you about nutrition and provide accountability.

Through our customized app you will get daily tasks that earn you points and you are able to see how you stack up with the rest of the people in the challenge. This provides a fun and motivating way to help you crush your goals.

What You Get

  • (2) 30 minute consultations with head Nutritionist, Julia Larish ($100 value)
  • Customized nutrition template ($50 value)
  • Our Nutrition Handbook ($20 value)
  • (6) Weekly recipes
  • Wodify Rise app for scoring, support, accountability 
  • Crush workouts (you're welcome)
  • A hot body (priceless)

Point System

You will have 9 daily tasks and 1 weekly task that can earn you points. These tasks are based off of key behaviors to achieve optimal health. The baseline markers for health are going to be weighted more heavily because they are the 1st tier of optimal health. The supplements that can take your health and performance to the next level are weighted less heavily because they are the 2nd tier of optimal health.

  • Tasks: 
  1. Workouts (25pts)
  2. Leafy green veggies (25pts)
  3. Template goals (25pts)
  4. Sleep (25pts)
  5. Hydration (25pts)
  6. No added sugars (25pts)
  7. Post workout protein (5pts)
  8. Collagen protein (5pts)
  9. Puori-3 supplements (5pts)
  10. Avoid alcohol (10pts)
  11. Recipe of the week with Instagram posting (25pts)

If this is your first time participating in one of our nutrition challenges, put your focus on the 1st tier tasks.

Challenge starts July 1 and runs until August 4. The cost to take control of your kitchen for the next 6 weeks is $120.

Are you up for the challenge?!

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Mon, July 1, 2019 - Sun, August 18, 2019 US Mountain Standard Time
Julia Larish, Founder of Dead Red Kitchen
Keep up with Julia Larish, mother of 4, founder of Dead Red Kitchen and owner of Dead Red Conditioning, as she shares her everyday habits to lead a healthy lifestyle.

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