Challenge by: Jessie Macias, Chris Simmons, and Anthony Katafias
Unyielding 2018

The Holidays are over and the New Year is underway!  Get started on all the changes you promised yourself with the help of your friends and coaches!  This will be a 22 Day Fitness, Nutrition, and Lifestyle Challenge.  You will each be held accountable for logging in your daily and weekly tasks.  Be sure to record your weight and body measurements.  There will be content delivered via email. Could be coaches checking in or helpful tips and recipes to stay on track!  So be sure to keep an eye on information that will help you stay focused.

This Challenge can be different for each one of you. Some may want to follow a Macro, Paleo, or Low Carb diet.  Totally awesome, but not necessary for this challenge.  We want to to help you make better decisions when it comes to eating. Small steps to help you from falling off the wagon! 

You have the coaches and the rest of the challengers to help you! Feel free to contact any of the coaches for help.  

#WodifyRise #RiseToTheChallenge

What do I need to do before registration?- Talk with your coach to take your measurements and to record your weight.  Before and after pictures are optional, but are encouraged.  Don't worry! The pictures are for you, unless you want to share  them later.

What will I get from this challenge?- You will have the tools to log in your daily food logs, manage your check ins with coaches, log your daily exercise activity, and keep your peers in check through our leaderboard!

Do I need to follow a certain diet? NO. Unless you really want to dial in on your nutrition, by all means follow some type of diet that will help your goals. talk with a couch to help you choose the best option and we will help you stay on track.  This challenge is for you to start making better eating decisions with the help of your friends and coaches.  

What will happen after the Challenge?- The end goal is to maintain certain structures in your eating habits by SLOWLY eliminating the "bad" foods and replacing them with Super Foods to power your daily performance!

Mon, January 15, 2018 - Mon, February 5, 2018 Eastern Standard Time
Jessie Macias, Chris Simmons, and Anthony Katafias
CrossFit Unyielding is going to be focusing more on you than ever before.  Our coaches want to see you get the results you are training for. Keep an eye out for our Nutrition Seminar to help all of us with the Challenge!

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