Challenge by: Jon Rowley - 2020FIT
Wim Hof / Fasting - December 2022 Shred

I'm due for my annual check-up and I want to take you along for the ride. Welcome to what I'm calling my Wim Hof Week + Fasting. 

The check-up involves three things: 

  1. Breathing
  2. Cold exposure 
  3. Extended fasting 

The breathing and cold exposure are things I typically do on a weekly basis however, I've fallen off. Extended fasting is something I do on a quarterly basis which recently has turned into about an annual basis, so time to get back on it. 

Starting December 12th and running through the 16th, you'll be taxed with 3 items to do daily. 

  • 3 sets of 30 breaths 
  • 2 minutes in a cold shower (or ice bath) 
  • Some type of fasting (outlined below)

The fasting guidelines are very self-serving, and I've provided three different options:

  1. Do 3 x 24-hour fasts throughout the week (Dinner to dinner as an example). Eat on Sunday, then Monday night. Tuesday normal. Tuesday dinner to Wednesday dinner. Thursday normal. Thursday dinner to Friday dinner. 
  2. Do 2 x 36-hour fasts. For example, eat dinner Sunday night, then breakfast on Tuesday morning. Eat like normal Tuesday, and Wednesday, then go from Wednesday dinner until Friday breakfast.
  3. Experts only*** Go as long as you feel comfortable. The first year I did this I went 24 hours (this is not a big deal I promise you - it just sounds bad at first however many people do it on accident in their day-to-day life). The next year I did two days, then three, then four, and last year I did five. I'm going for that again (I don't like admitting that as I type this but it's a great metabolic reset) as I know the obvious next step is 6 days, but I think 5 is going to do for a while. 

There is ZERO pressure here which is why we're not using the scoreboard. You have to listen to your body (not what someone tells you) and go at your own pace. 

Once you sign up, I'll share a ton more information and hacks to help get you through this. 

For those of you that have fasted before in the Shreds, know I use a lot of cheats to help get 90% of the results without 100% of the pain. 

Lastly - I'm going to ask that all of us stop and breathe for 10 minutes per day. This will be shared via video, and you'll be kindly reminded each day. 

Excited to do this with you!!!


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Mon, December 12, 2022 - Fri, December 16, 2022 Central Standard Time
Jon Rowley - 2020FIT
I'm obsessed with helping people become the best version of themselves and constantly doing for myself. I enjoy getting to participate in these monthly Shreds to help others dial things in and experience new tips or tricks they can implement in their daily life.

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